Congratulaitons to our 2018 Winner! -Stretch Transports

CO-ED Adult Softball

2018 Summer Season

Are you ready for some Softball?! We are! Co-Ed Softball begins June 8th at Casey Jones Park! Registration is now open!

Double Headers every Friday evening, starting June 8th- July 13th (12 games)   End of Season Tournament July 14th!

Cost per team: $650   Free Agents register online

Team Standings

Week 1, June 8th

Casey Jones North:

Sons of Pitches: 0    V   Total Access Fitness: 23

Bino's Pizza: 25    V    Sons of Pitches: 3

Free Agents: 12    V    Total Access Fitness: 24

The empire strikes out: 8    V    Free Agents: 22

Casey Jones South:

Bino's Pizza: 21    V    Walk Off Warriors: 7

Stretch Transports: 20 V The empire strikes out: 0

Walk Off Warriors: 4 V Stretch Transports: 24

Week 2, June 15th

Casey Jones North:

Total Access Fitness: 22 V the empire strikes out: 2

Bino's Pizza: 18    V    Total Access Fitness: 19

Free Agents: 46    V    Walk Off Warriors: 12

Stretch Transports: 23    V    Free Agents: 17

Case Jones South:

Walk Off Warriors: 28 V Sons of Pitches: 1

the empire strikes out: 17 V Sons of Pitches: 16

Stretch Transports: 11 V Bino's Pizza: 20

Week 3, June 22nd

Evans North:

Stretch Transports: 33  V  Sons of Pitches: 1

Total Access Fit: 5 V Stretch Transports: 17

the empire strikes out: 5 V Bino's Pizza: 15

the empire strikes out: 14 V Walk Off Warriors: 22

Evans South:

Free Agents: 1 V Bino's Pizza: 16

Sons of Pitches: 4 V Free Agents: 20

Walk Off Warriors: 4 V Total Access Fitness: 20

Free Agents: 1 V Bino's Pizza: 16

Sons of Pitches: 4 V Free Agents: 20

Walk Off Warriors: 4 V Total Access Fitness: 20

Week 4, June 29th

Casey Jones North:

Bino's Pizza: 20    V    Free Agents: 5

Walk Off Warriors: 17    V    Free Agents: 17

the empire strikes out: 5 V Total Access Fit: 15

the empire strike out: 4 V Stretch Transports: 26

Casey Jones South:

Total Access Fitness: 15 V Sons of Pitches: 2

Bino's Pizza: 16    V    Stretch Transports: 15 

Walk Off Warriors: 26    V    Sons of Pitches: 3

Week 5, July 6th

Evans North:

Stretch Transports:19 V Total Access Fitness: 0

Total Access Fitness: 13    V    Free Agents: 8

Sons of Pitches: 2    V    Stretch Transports: 36

Sons of Pitches: 15    V    Free Agents: 24

Evans South:

Bino's Pizza: 23    V    Walk Off Warriors: 7

Walk Off Warriors: 17 V the empire strikes out: 1

Bino's Pizza: 23  V  the empire strikes out: 8

Code of Conduct:

At Elizabeth Park and Recreation we believe in instilling a positive attitude, teaching basic fundamentals, building confidence, and sharing our love of play with youth.  We believe play is a vital right for all youth and helps develop physical, emotional, and social growth. Our programs emphasize participation, fun, and sportsmanship over winning and we strongly discourage the hyper competiveness that negatively impacts many youth sport programs.  All coaches, players, parents, officials, and program administrators will demonstrate respect for each other as well as the game at all times.  Participants, parents, and coaches are expected to support this system.

Adult Cancelation and Late Registration Practices:

Adult program fees due in full at time of registration.

Adult league registration fees due in full by registration end date. Down payment of $100 due at time of registration. 

Late fees:

Late Registration; additional $10 per registration if paid beyond end of registration period, provided there is space in the program.  If no space is available in the program, late registrations will not be accepted.


District Cancelation of program or event; Notification given prior to start date / time, and full refund of all registration fees paid.

Individual request for refund; Full refund given up until registration close date less 5% processing fee. After registration close date, cancelation fee is $15.

After first week of play, no refunds will be given. Refunds may be provided as account credit based upon customer preference.    Account Credit is non-refundable after processing.