CO-ED Football Tackle

Fall 2018

The Tackle Football Program is open to all youth in 3rd-4th grade (Pee-Wee Division) and 5th-6th grade 

(Midget Division) for the 2018-2019 school year.

Teams will play in the Prairie League and potentially travel to Kiowa, Calahan, Byers, Simla, Limon, and Ellicott 

for away games while playing home games in Elizabeth.  Practice will begin in early to mid-August with games

 being played on Saturdays from early September through October.

  Cost is $100 per player, and includes game jersey and pants.  Players must provide all other gear as required.

Registration may be limited due to team size, so please register early to secure a roster spot for your child. 

 Call Park Office at 303.646.3599 for more information or if you are interested in coaching.

Football Camp 2018!

Elizabeth Park and Recreation is joining forces with Everett Dowd to present 

Elbert County's first 4 week football camp!

About your coach:   Everett has been coaching football in Elbert County since 2013. He has coached throughout 

Elizabeth Park & Rec for pee wee flag, up to tackle, and is now the head coach for KYA Football in Kiowa.

 He has a strong passion for teaching youth about proper technique and safety while making learning fun!

Elbert county football camp aims to teach kids the skills needed to go forward into contact football. 

Ages 8-12 is our target audience for this camp as it goes over basic skills to aid in their development to play

 contact football in an effective manner minimalizing chances for injury.

 The camp consists of 4 weeks.

 All weeks will have time allotted for physical education and football stance education. It all starts with good physical fitness and solid stance.

The camp runs Monday through Thursday. (See Registration for Dates) Week 1 is Offensive skills. Week 2 is Defensive Skills. Week 3 is Blocking Camp and finally Week 4 is Tackling Camp. While none of the skills we do will require full pads to participate in, there will be what is considered light grappling. Light grappling is akin to martial arts classes like Judo or Jiu-Jitsu where we will be doing some technique teaching using each other. All kids will be paired up according to age, skill and size for learning. Over 80% of the skills will be taught using bags and equipment for training purposes.

Each week can be attended separately and by no means is it expected to be a build up camp.

*For those who are on Free/Reduced lunch please contact the office to register your child/ren.

CO-ED Football Flag

Fall 2018

The Flag Football program is open to all youth between the ages of 4 -14 (as of September 8th, 2018). 

Divisions are 4-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-14.

All games are played on Saturdays at Evans Park with some games potentially being played at Casey Jones Park 

and begin on September 8th, with practice(s) held during the week as scheduled by coach. 

All players will receive a game jersey. Cost is $55 per player.

Volunteer coaches are needed and recieve a refund for 1 child per team they coach.

Code of Conduct:

At Elizabeth Park and Recreation we believe in instilling a positive attitude, teaching basic fundamentals, building confidence, and sharing our love of play with youth.  We believe play is a vital right for all youth and helps develop physical, emotional, and social growth. Our programs emphasize participation, fun, and sportsmanship over winning and we strongly discourage the hyper competiveness that negatively impacts many youth sport programs.  All coaches, players, parents, officials, and program administrators will demonstrate respect for each other as well as the game at all times.  Participants, parents, and coaches are expected to support this system.

Youth Cancelation and Late Registration Practices:

Youth sports &/or program registration fees due in full at time of registration.

Late fees:

Late Registration; additional $10 per registration if paid beyond end of registration period, provided there is space in the program.  If no space is available in the program, late registrations will not be accepted.


District Cancelation of program or event; Notification given prior to start date / time, and full refund of all registration fees paid.

Individual request for refund; Full refund given up until registration close date less 5% processing fee. After registration close date, cancelation fee is $15.

After first week of play, no refunds will be given. Refunds may be provided as account credit based upon customer preference.    Account Credit is non-refundable after processing.

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